HWI design and supply customised heating and cooling solutions for modern low energy buildings.

Suitable for both retrofit and new builds, HWI have a range of heat distribution products that we match to your individual comfort and energy saving requirements.

Our systems are tailored to your unique building, including its design, construction, orientation and room usage.

7 reasons to choose HWI Sustainable Buildings

  • Super-flexible systems for dry construction
  • Surface heating/cooling of floors, walls and ceilings
  • Perfectly combined components all from one source
  • Low energy costs thanks to efficient low-temperature systems
  • Eco-friendly materials and optimized designs
  • Cosy and healthy climate thanks to a comfortable radiant heat
  • 10 year guarantee

About Peter Sullivan

Founder and owner of HWI

Exclusive Business partner with variotherm in Ireland since 2001

Involved in low-energy building and construction since 1998

Responsible for variotherm’s UK business development.