Project Description

When James Brereton decided to totally renovate their new home they chose Variotherm throughout. James is a successful and long established plumbing and heating contractor carrying on the business started by his father also James in 1977.

“In our own house we naturally wanted the most advanced system on the market and coupled with the growing realization that we need to act on climate change we chose an air to water heat pump to power the Variotherm heat distribution system”,  says James Brereton.

A screed system (Variofix) was installed on the ground floor. All at 100 mm centers in order to keep the flow temperature as low as possible. This is in alignment with our principle in Variotherm that every degree counts.

In conjunction with Peter Sullivan our business partner in Ireland Tara and James chose to install modular ceiling panels in the kitchen. With large glazed area this will ensure a perfect temperature in winter and summer. “We are increasingly being asked about cooling by our customers and now we can provide the answers”, said James. Modular Wall heating was installed in the bedrooms and bathrooms and additionally Modular Floor Variocomp in the bathrooms for a warm tile surface.

James, Tara and family can look forward to a cosy home in winter and summer, with the lowest possible running costs and the least impact on our sensitive environment.

Construction sign:

Variotherm systema:
26 m² Modular ceiling heating/cooling
32  m² Modular wall heating/cooling
17 m² VarioComp – Modular floor heating
102  m² VarioFix – floor heating system for screed

Power generator: Viessman Vitocal 200-A  Air to Water Heat Pump
Variotherm partner: HWI Sustainable Buildings, 2 Avoca Wood, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
Building owner and installer: James Brereton Heating & Plumbing Ltd., Dublin