VarioSolid Industry Floor Heating

Optimal large-scale heating. For a healthy working environment.

Cost-effectiveness is always an issue when it comes to heating production halls, storage areas and other industrial spaces. An extremely solid and always fitting solution to this is VarioSolid, the industrial floor heating system.

Specially designed for use in industry, the extremely robust Variomodular pipe 20×2 Laser ensures ideal heat distribution.

• Variomodular pipe 20×2 Laser with proven Variotherm pipe technology

• Clamping screw fittings and press-fit couplings as a system

• Bending model for 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm pipe spacing

• Sleeve tube for expansion joints

• Calibration tool

The professional, wireless binding tool lends itself to quickly fastening the Variomodular pipe to the reinforcing bar grid. Place in position, press a button and 80 cm of binding wire per spool create a bond for life. A wire reel contains enough for approximately 120 bonds. The optional extension arm allows for even more ergonomic assembly when standing.

TIP: The professional, wireless binding tool is available to purchase directly.

With the bending model for 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm pipe spacing, the Variomodular pipe can easily be bent by hand and will retain its new shape. This guarantees precise pipe spacing and even heat distribution across the entire surface. Large-scale energy saving.

The clamping screw fittings and press-fit couplings are a coordinated system designed to facilitate installation. In an area of moving joints, the pipes are afforded the best protection with sleeve tubes.