Project Description

The venerable old building of the former branch of the Austrian National Bank in Eisenstadt can look back on an eventful history. Built in 1924 in Art Deco style, it forms an architectural contrast to Esterházy Palace opposite, and is currently listed for preservation.

For the last 50 years, the building was heated with a monstrous oil heating system. In the end, it was high time for a new heating system. One of the most important requirements of the Department for the Protec-tion of Historic Buildings was that the studio’s 170 m² original oak parquet floor from the 1920s must remain intact.

“We wanted a solution that would add value for the premises in the long term. That is why we chose an air heating pump combined with a ModuleStandardWall for heating and cooling,” explained the two desi-gners. Another pleasant side-effect was that the old radiators vanished from the studio. Besides the aesthetically appealing design, the expected savings in heating costs were of course a key criterion.

The closure of the office was to be as short as possible. In cooperation with an experienced drywall construction expert, the entire project was implemented in just 10 days. The renovation was coordinated by Peter Unterrainer (Variotherm). The heating distribution manifold was set up and the heat pump was connected by a specialist installation company.