Plastered Wall Heating

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With heating or cooling, rooms are maintained at a comfortable temperature all year round. Both large and small surface areas can be efficiently used. Hang up pictures? The pipes are easy to locate with the Variotherm pipe locator or using thermofoil.


The EasyFlexWall is characterized by its slim design with close pipe spacing from 77 mm to 115 mm, both as a high performance wall heating or wall cooling system. It is simple to install and easily adaptable to round or complex shapes. Small and large surfaces can be optimally heated and cooled.


1   VarioBar 11,6/77
2   Fastening with nail anchors
3   VarioProFil-pipe 11,6 x 1,5 Laser
4   Plaster lattice (provided by customer)
5   Plaster (provided by customer)
6   Ceramic cladding (provided by customer)


With a perfect combination of components, the optimum heating or cooling output can be achieved with the lowest possible water temperature. SystemWall has been tested and approved by the Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building. On hot days, it operates in an ecologically efficient way and cools rooms silently and without conventional forced air systems.

System Wall

1   VarioBar 16/100
2   Fastening with nail anchors
3   VarioProFile pipe 16 x 2 Laser
4   EcoHeatingPlaster for SWHC2
5   Plaster lattice (provided by customer)
6   Final plaster (provided by customer)

VARIOPROFILE-PIPE 16 x 2 and 11,6 x 1,5 LASER

1   Raised temperature resistance polyethylene PE-RT with profiled surface structure
2   Adhesive layer
3   Homogeneous laser-welded solid aluminium pipe
4   Adhesive layer
5   Raised temperature resistance polyethylene (PE-RT)


  • Optimised heat transfer through up to 10 % or 15 % larger surface
  • First-class plaster adhesion
  • 10 year guarantee with certificate
  • High pressure and temperature resistance (10 bars, +95°C)
  • Flexible, easy to bend, extremely good hydrostatic stability
  • 100 % oxygen diffusion-tight


The VarioBars are attached to the wall. Apply the Variotherm EcoHeatingPlaster either by machine or manually. The profiled pipe guarantees optimum plaster adhesion, while at the same time increasing the heat transfer. In general, any plaster can be applied which is suitable for wall heating and cooling. The biological Variotherm EcoHeatingPlaster is ideal due to its high thermal conductivity, vapour permeability and healthy building characteristics.


Mounting system developed by Variotherm

The pipes are easy to locate with the pipe locator or using thermofoil

Room thermostats from the PIANO series

Heating/cooling manifolds are fully assembled and pressure-tested